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Wetlab experiments

Craig, Marc, Advait, Wes, Ashley, Rachel, Carl, Lafia, Meenakshi, Patrik, Brett, Johan

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Cheese Making

 L.Prado, Ben Rupert, Marc, Brett

Ethical, Legal, Societal Issues

 Rachel, Marc, Eri, Rebecca


Advait, Marc. Rusty advising.

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IT infrastructure

Website Admin(s)
Advait, Jared, Marc
Wiki Admin(s)
Marc, and others
Server Admin(s)
  • Maintaining this Wiki and reviewing its accuracy is the responsibility of ALL members. Please contribute.

Press Relations and Crowdfunding

 Marc, Craig, Patrik, Advait, Ahnon, Ashley, Eri

Wetlab budget, Ordering, Tracking

Craig, Ashley, Rachel, Wes

Money and bureaucracy

Marc (treasurer)

Availability of Members

  • L.Prado: CCL preferred. 4 hours a week.
  • Advait: Biocurious, CCL over zoom, weekdays after 5:00 and weekends
  • Wes: prefer Biocurious, but CCL is possible also, evenings and weekends
  • Rachel: prefer CCL. Evenings & weekends. Some morning availability after 8 Sept.
  • Eri: prefer BioCurious & video/text chat, evenings
  • Patrik: prefer CCL, can do BioC. Cannot do Tue, Thu, weekend (except Sat morning)
  • Marc: Prefer CCL. Generally not available evenings other than Monday.